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Qualifying and preparing computer specialist to meet the environmental, industrial needs, community service and to provide suitable work opportunities domestically and globally.


Faculty of computer and IT strives to achieve the following objectives:

1. Training of highly qualified staff professionally and scientifically in several computer fields.

  1. 2. Creativity, innovation, design and capacity development.
  2. 3. Developing spirit interest of scientific research for economic progress and community development.
  3. 4. Deep understanding to all relevant occupational responsibility, inter alia, ethical, professional and social environment in various areas.
  4. 5. Knowledge of and respect of intellectual and property rights (IPR), safety and privacy of using IT.
  5. 6. Consolidation of team spirit.
  6. 7. Developing self-learning, everlasting education and professional development.
  7. 8. An active participation in community services and meeting its needs.

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